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Who's naty?

Step into my vibrant realm, where every frame tells a story and every color evokes emotion. I’m Natascia Mercurio, but you can call me Naty. Born in the picturesque landscapes of Catanzaro, Italy in 1996, my journey as an Art Director, Photographer, and Filmmaker began with a childhood passion for creative expression.

Naty's Works

My work is a symphony of light and color, weaving together tales of joy, sorrow, and everything in between. Inspired by my love for video games, anime, and Asian cinema, I strive to transcend conventional boundaries and transport viewers into a world of infinite possibilities as well as being inspired by the masterful strokes of Vincent Van Gogh, my artistic palette is a reflection of my eclectic influences. Every photograph is a canvas, inviting viewers to explore a world where imagination knows no bounds.
After honing my craft as an Art Director in Milan, I embarked on a journey to embrace the future of art through crypto. The world of blockchain technology and NFTs has opened new doors for self-expression and connection, allowing me to share my vision with a global audience.

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“Naty’s works take you into a diverse world with multiple strong characters and powerful stories. Her characteristic aesthetic makes her have room to roam across genres without risking her consistency.”
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“Naty’s rich nighttime scenes are at once subtle and bold; evocative of long-forgotten memories and endless walks through the city in the rain, they inspire us to lose track of time.”
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“Building cinematic worlds from (extra)ordinary scenarios, Milan-based photographer Naty crafts stories with her lens. Her signature application of Hollywood’s complementary color duo adds depth to her storytelling. Through the yin-yang harmony of the two tones, they draw out singularity and emphasize separation.”

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